Until now on CSI: New York Season in search of Episode 3 "2, 918 Miles", Evidence found in photos at the crime scene on this Brooklyn Bridge send Apple computer and Jo to San Francisco in search of a missing teenage girlfriend.<<BR>><<BR>>On this week's event title "Unspoken", The CSIs race that will catch a shooter as soon as Lindsay is injured through the attempted murder of a political candidate, and the events in the aftermath lead to a child's death.<<BR>><<BR>>CSI: NY (Crime World Investigation: New York) is definitely American police procedural television system series that premiered in September 22, 2004, on CBS. The show follows the investigations on the team of NYPD forensic scientists and police officers as they unveil this circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes. The series is the next indirect spin-off from this veteran series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in addition to directly from CSI: Miami during an episode whereby several of the CSI: NY characters made his or her first appearance. Currently the show airs in Fridays at 9pm/8c with CBS; in the UK the idea airs on Channel some on Saturdays at 10pm using repeats usually shown about 5USA.<<BR>><<BR>>Originally, CSI: NY was produced in partnership with the Canadian media organization Alliance Atlantis. The company dissolved following a third season in '07 and all production is now done under the purview associated with CBS Paramount Television.<<BR>><<BR>>The show is filmed on the CBS Studio Center with many of the outside scenes shot near Los Angeles. Occasionally, scenes are filmed on location in Texas City.<<BR>><<BR>>On May 13, 2012, CBS renewed the series for any ninth season which will include 18 episodes.<<BR>><<BR>>CSI: NY, a crime drama inspired through the drama series, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, " is about forensic investigators who use high-tech science to follow evidence and solve crimes in the big apple. Det. Mac Taylor, a dedicated and tempted crime-scene investigator who believes that everything is connected and everyone carries a story, is a decorated Sea who served in Wilderness Storm and dabbled inside war photography. The job is his / her life; he focuses on cases until they may be solved. The team includes the particular newest addition, Josephine "Jo" Danville, an experienced investigator out of Washington, D. C., whose work is tempted by her empathy for your victim. They work with your team of experts, including Danny Messer, an investigator with an unflappable spirit and a troubled family history, which he uses to the job as he blends his own couple of hybrid ethics. Messer was personally selected to join the crew by Mac, and he attempts daily to live up to that honor and burden. Sheldon Hawkes is this crime lab's former coroner, a brilliant Ph. D. who transitioned to that field team. Joining them is Add Flack, an edgy, hardcore homicide detective with a quick wit, impressive forensic insight including a long family history in law enforcement; and Lindsay Monroe Messer, a young, athletic CSI with the Midwestern work ethic that is willing to roll way up her sleeves to correct any job, and rarely hints in the dark and devastating secret that originally motivated your girlfriend to dedicate her life to for investigator. Lindsay and Danny are married and possess a daughter, Lucy.<<BR>><<BR>>Check out my other posts, [Next Top Model Season 19 Episode 8 The Girl Who Comes Back] | [Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 4] | [Season 2 Episode 10 Watch it Online] | [New York Season 9 Episode 4 Online] | [Season 2 Episode 8 Free Streaming] | [Haven Season 3 Episode 5] | [Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Episode 2 Free Streaming] | [Season 3 Episode 1 Watch it Online] | [and Recreation Season 5 Episode 4 Sex Education] | [Clone Wars Season 5 Episode 4 Free Streaming] | [League Season 4 Episode 2 Free Streaming] | [Prime Season 2 Episode 24 Online] | [Uprising Season 1 Episode 8 The Reward] | [Up All Night Season 2 Episode 5] hope you find it useful, thanks :)<<BR>><<BR>>If you are you looking for more information on [New York Season 9 Episode 4 Watch it Online] review forums.motioninjoy.com/viewtopic.php

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