Online Backup is my speciality. I spent several years working in IT for a corporation. There were not many times that I didn't deal with some kind of computer trouble where crucial information was missing. From virus infections, accidental deletion, malware, and of course hard drive malfunctions. One of my common jobs was to try and restore lost data files from backups and from users laptops.

After I left that organization I wanted to start helping people Backup Online their PC. It is one thing for a large company to Backup Online their files when they have an IT staff, it is another for a simple home user to shield their data, photos and clips. I started doing research on various Online Backup solutions.

It was suggested to me that I should give a little blurb about me besides what I used to do and what I do right now. I'm 45, merrily married and we have one daughter, she is 14 years now.

Also visit my webpage ; [Backup]

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