As a web site proprietor, I'm positive you are always in search of new means of targeted visitors. Have you ever considered Google News? Should you consistently publish news in your sector and want to be seen as a source for news you may request Google integrate your website.<<BR>> <<BR>>This can be considered a great resource of traffic and an exceptional approach to boost credibility for your business.<<BR>> <<BR>>There are some key specifics you want to be mindful of so as to increase your odds of Google including your site.<<BR>> <<BR>>1St and foremost, you have to request that Google include your website by visiting Google News<<BR>> <<BR>>Here is some of the criteria Google is looking for.<<BR>> <<BR>>Make sure that your pages that display the full text of news articles have distinct URLs making sure that Google is ready to index every single story individually. URLs with over one article is not going to be incorporated on Google News.<<BR>> <<BR>>The URL for each article has to incorporate a distinct number consisting of no less than three digits, and should not resemble a date. I've often heard it is best to aim for more than six digits to be safe.<<BR>> <<BR>>Here is what Google says about this: can't craWewl an article with this URL: . We can, though, crawl an article with this URL: Bear in mind that if the only number in the article consists of an isolated four-digit number that resembles a year, we will not be in a position to crawl it.<<BR>> <<BR>>Make sure content material on your news site is original. You can't republish a CNN story and expect Google to integrate your site in the News search results pages.<<BR>> <<BR>>Your website ought to have more than 1 author. It is advisable to also have a page listing all of the authors with their bios. For Google this is a deal breaker, so do not bother proceeding with the request to be included if you don't have numerous authors.<<BR>> <<BR>>Articles should also come with the writer's name and timestamp.<<BR>> <<BR>>Other fundamental points to factor in:<<BR>> <<BR>>Ensure you have details about your company/firm. This is frequently performed in the form of 'contact us' and 'about us' pages.<<BR>> <<BR>>Server response time is important; Google crawlers will seek out pages that they can index quickly, and that will load rapidly for end users. So make certain your server is up to par and can handle the load.<<BR>> <<BR>>If you are not presently doing these details, get all of it in place and run with it for a little bit before your request to be integrated. I look forward to reading through your news in Google next time I search!<<BR>> <<BR>><<BR>>If you want to find more in regards to [click the following page] take a look at

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