A Herbal Treatments: Gout<<BR>><<BR>>There are thousands of people who suffer from gout, and the disease can make one go through excruciating pain before they spend a bag of money on treatments. However, there is now a simple solution to the problem. With Natural Cure Herbal Supplements from QURE, gout can be cured quickly and effectively as the ingredients present in these supplements are 100% natural. The products are known to promote vitality and good health in women and men.<<BR>><<BR>>Uric acid is a common component of the human body despite all the havoc and agony it is known to cause. Our system derives about 1/3 or the acid from food, particularly those that have a high constituency of purines. The remaining 2/3 of the uric acid is produced through common metabolism. Purines are converted to uric acid by the body, and the levels in the human blood may fluctuate depending on fluid intake, diet, overall health status of the individual and other factors. The excessive accumulation of uric acid in the blood can lead to a kind of arthritis called Gout.<<BR>><<BR>>Areas affected by Gout<<BR>><<BR>>The big toe is usually the main site of a Gout attack. This may be because the extremities in the big toe are cooler compared to your body’s other parts, and crystals of uric acid form more easily at low temperatures. Moreover, standing and normal walking make the feet go through considerable stress. This is the reason why Gout is mainly found in the big toe, the ankles and the feet (instep/heel). The other areas that may suffer from Gout include knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, fingers, spine, internal organs and hips.<<BR>><<BR>>Other conditions of Gout that may exist in the human body include pseudogout. It is not caused by uric acid crystals, but by calcium and is milder when compared to true gout. Trauma or infection to affected areas can mislead both health professionals and patients as it mimics gout. Nature Care Supplements can not only reduce the pain, but can also get rid of the problem, ensuring that there will be no side effects.<<BR>><<BR>>How to reduce uric acid levels in blood<<BR>><<BR>>It is important to avoid consuming foods that are rich in purines. The intake of alcohol must reduce and you must also focus on losing weight. You can also increase your consumption of wheat, raisins, green gram, milk and ginger. Sports that involve excessive joint movements must be avoided, as must going out in the sun and afternoon sleep.<<BR>><<BR>>http://is.gd/YiIKw6

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