Python Version
2.4.4 (#1, Oct 24 2006, 16:40:36) [GCC 4.1.1 20061011 (ALT Linux, build 4.1.1-alt10)]
MoinMoin Version
Release 1.5.6 [Revision release]
Number of pages
Number of system pages
Accumulated page sizes
8705.1 KiB
Disk usage of ../data/pages/
185.2 MiB
Disk usage of ../data/
-1.0 Byte
Entries in edit log
0 (0.0 Byte)
Event log
273.4 KiB
Global extension macros
AbandonedPages, Action, AttachInfo, AttachList, BR, EditTemplates, EditedSystemPages, EmbedObject, FootNote, FullSearch, FullSearchCached, GetText, ImageLink, Include, LikePages, Login, MonthCalendar, Navigation, NewPage, OrphanedPages, PageHits, PageSize, RandomPage, RandomQuote, RecentChanges, ShowSmileys, StatsChart, SystemAdmin, TableOfContents, TeudView, Verbatim, WantedPages
Local extension macros
BUP, BrowseMeta, Extract, ExtractModules, LookupPagesAndSort, M, MetaSearch, MiniPage, NewEduSoftPage, PageDicts, SearchInPagesAndSort, Vote
Global extension actions
AttachFile, DeletePage, Despam, LikePages, LocalSiteMap, MyPages, PackagePages, RenamePage, RenderAsDocbook, SpellCheck, SubscribeUser, backup, fckdialog, fullsearch, links, login, logout, newpage, rss_rc, sitemap, thread_monitor, titleindex, userprefs
Local extension actions
metasearch, newedusoft
Global parsers
CSV, cplusplus, docbook, irc, java, pascal, plain, python, rst, wiki, xslt
Local extension parsers
citation, meta, mk
Installed processors (DEPRECATED -- use Parsers instead)
Lupy search
Active threads

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