hy Car Rental Companies Insist On Credit Card For Obtaining Reservation<<BR>><<BR>>All the major car rental companies insist on payments<<BR>>by credit card. This is a standard practice because<<BR>>credit cards are fast, secure and reliable.<<BR>><<BR>>Almost every company in the field of car renting<<BR>>demands a credit card while renting the car. Apart<<BR>>from seeking credit card, an authorization is also<<BR>>obtained.<<BR>><<BR>>This is basically done to cover any expenses related<<BR>>to potential damages that may be caused due to a<<BR>>number of factors. In short, the credit card is a kind<<BR>>of security deposit against damage or loss that may be<<BR>>caused.<<BR>><<BR>>In case the car is returned in perfect condition, no<<BR>>charge is levied by the car rental company. In such a<<BR>>case, the only fee charged is the rental fee.<<BR>><<BR>>If there is any damage to the car, the car rental<<BR>>company will instantly charge the damage cover. This<<BR>>is done as per the terms and conditions of the<<BR>>agreement.<<BR>><<BR>>The car rental company does not add up to the credit<<BR>>immediately after renting the car. The only amount<<BR>>that is charged is an advanced charge approval.<<BR>><<BR>>This means that some amount is reserved by the car<<BR>>rental company from the credit card. This amount is<<BR>>reserved as an amount that you may have to pay in case<<BR>>of damage to the car.Used Cars in PA<<BR>><<BR>>The car rental companies do not accept debit cards or"|'"|Used Cars in PA<<BR>>a check card. The main reason is because it is not<<BR>>possible for the car rental companies to processUsed Cars in PA<<BR>>advance charge approval for the car damage.<<BR>><<BR>>For more info on [cars in harrisburg pa] look at hopespark.com/user/profile/katlynwdl/

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